Can Climate Change Effect Your Children’s Health?

Can climate change effect your children’s health? The answer is yes. They are exposed to air pollutants these are the following diseases that can cause your children to get sick.

Air Pollution related illness’

1 Lung growth

2. Respiratory infections

3. Asthma

4. Infant mortality

5. Miscarriages,prebirths, low birth weight

6. Brain and nervous development issues

Extreme precipitation, storms and floods. Water quality by increasing chemical waste into surface waters

Drought- water quality by concentration of non-volatile chemicals and toxic metals

The effects on human exposure will vary widely according to the properties of specific chemicals. Soil and water conditions,, wind patterns, topography land use, level of development and human characteristics

Human allergic response to airborne plant pollen, contributes to hay fever, allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, and other lung diseases.

Why are children highest risk for air pollution illness’?

Their immature physiology, and metabolism, incomplete development, higher exposure to air found and water per unit body weight.

Children in the world’s poorest countries where the disease burden is already high are most effected by climate change.

Extreme heat waves , cause deaths among the young and elderly. Infant mortality has increased by 5.5% in girls and 7% in boys. Can we change this?

Yes we can According to Green American Magazine these are the top ten things we can do to reverse climat change.

  1. Refrigerant Management: Reduce your HFC or Hydroflouride Carbon fridges
  2. Wind Turbines: Today 314,000 wind turbines supply 3.7% of global electricity. This produced a dramatic drop of fossil fuel prices
  3. Reduce Food Waste; Wastage accounts early in the food supply chain, rotting on farms, or spoiling during storage or distribution
  4. Adaptation of a plant based diet: Raising livestock accounts for nearly 15% of global greenhouse gasses emitted each year,
  5. Tropical Forest Restoration: Sustainable forest management in Indonesia. At least 751 million acres of land in the tropics could be restored to intact forests reducing 62.1 gigatons of CO2
  6. Education of girls: Women with more years of education have fewer children and actively manage their own reproductive health

7. Family Planning

8. Solar Farms: Solar farms are large scale array of hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of solar panels that acheive generating capacity in the tens of hundreds of megawatts. 36.9 GT or reduced CO2 by 2050

9. Silvapasture: Combining pastureland with climate cooling trees. GHG Reduction 31.19GT of reduced CO2 by 2050

10. Rooftop Solar panels Reduces 24.6 GT of reduced CO2

References: Green American Magazine

World Health Organization

World Climate change and children’s health The Council On Environmental Health, November 2015, volume 126/issue 5

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