The 5 Secrets You Never Knew About Global Warming

When did Global Warming Start?

You often hear the term Global Warming but do you know when it started? How important is it to humankind’s survival on this planet or are we doomed to extinction ourselves? This blog will try to answer these questions and many more.

First of all let us take a cruise down history lane and find out when Global Warming started. Can you believe that it started as early as the 1800’s? That is very true. That was when the first industrial revolution took place. The main culprits were railroad, coal mines, and the invention of the internal combustion engine, and factories and land clearing.

Are us humans fated to become extinct like the dinosaurs? Hope not. The second industrial revolution seen introduction such as fertilizer, other chemicals, electricity, and public health contributed accelerated growth deforestation and other ecosystem changes are responsible for the future of the climate

During the 1800’s Earth’s mean average surface temperature was only 0.2 degrees F In 2017 the Earth’s mean average surface temperature is a shocking 56.92 degrees F That is an increase of 14.7 degrees F increase . This is shocking to say the least what can we expect to see as a result of such a warming trend?

Melting of glaciers, polar ice caps, which will lead to massive flooding along coastal towns throughout the world. A breakdown of infrastructure, huge impact on local health authorities. Increased severity of storms, thousands are homeless,

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