The Story Of Ocean Has Gone Viral

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The Origin Of the Ocean

Ocean is defined as the body of salt water that covers nearly three quarters of the surface of the earth. The ocean water is very important to us. It provides us with 80% of the air that we breathe. It plays a vital removing 50% of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. Without oxygen we cannot breathe and we would not be able to live. The ocean controls the world’s weather patterns that we experience. It transfers the warm waters of the equator to the North and South polar regions. It is partially responsible for our seasons.

Why Is The Ocean Romantic undefined

According to Advensure “Experiments have shown that approaching the ocean triggers response in the part of the brain that processes memories and this has occurred in subjects that have never been near the ocean before. Water inspires us, it intimidates us , it creates peace and awe all at the same time. When humans fell, taste, or hear the water some instinctual or emotional responses kick in, separate from our cognitive response or rational thinking.”

Myself I enjoy listening to audio tapes of waves smashing against a rocky shoreline, or a waterfall, a bubbling brook I go into a state of such relaxation it almost feels like a coma. No cares or worries just the sound of peace and awe. When all around me has gone insane the ocean sounds brings me back to reality. Mother nature is more powerful than man. The ocean brings us so many good things, so why do we treat it so badly?

Does The Ocean punish us for polluting it?

The National Ocean Service states that eighty percent of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land. One of the biggest sources is called non-point source pollution. Non point source pollution includes many small sources such as septic tanks, cars, trucks, boats, and larger sources such as farms, ranches, and forest areas. Millions of motor vehicle engine drops small amounts oil every day onto roads and parking lots. This makes it to the ocean.

It is no wonder that mother nature swiftly punishes us from time to time with extreme weather. Hurricanes that can go from category 1 to a category 5 monster in less than 24 hours should give us humans a warning signal. When these storms hit our coastal we see the local weeping and wailing over the human and structural losses. In reality this a small payback for the amount of ocean species that has disappeared from the ocean.

Wrapping Up

Us humans are responsible for many of the extreme weather we have been experiencing. Stay tuned for my next blog


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