Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth day and we are happy to celebrate this occasion. What is Earth Day?

  • When was it founded? It was formed in 1970 to bring about awareness of a green Earth.
  • It includes events in 193 countries which are coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network
  • Earth Day Vision, simply stated, connecting people to nature on Earth on Earth Day and every day
  • Their Mission: Earth Day Canada inspires and supports people across Canada to connect with nature and build resilient communities
  • They have several programs including Save The Bees, Earth Play and others

No more oil spills, no polluting the atmosphere with dangerous chemicals. The hole in

the Ozone layer is not going away. It is only getting bigger. Did you know that there is a

spot off the Hawaiian islands where the ocean currents meet it is called garbage hole.

It is just a vortex of garbage collected together and it is getting bigger .

Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate, and temperature changes are to the

extreme. For instance, this spring we went from -30 Degrees Celsius to 17 Degrees

Celsius in two days. That is a huge temperature influnctuation

My next blog will be about Climate Change

See you then

To do your part to help the environment out watch this transforming video on free

electricity click on the link and enjoy


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